Hello fellow video content creators!

We are now helping creators to showcase your "Forward-motion Videos or Virtual Tour videos" and get paid for it.


1. Send us an email with a Subject "SUBMIT MY VIDEO" at including the video link or send your proposal video via Wetransfer or any similar.

    2. We will pay $50 USD per 20 to 60 minutes of good quality footage, meaning it needs to be stable enough to be watched while working out on a treadmill or cycle and the quality of the video must be 1080p 60 fps or 4K 60 fps. Audio must be good quality to listen without wind or other disturbing sounds.

    3. A credit will be put in the description of the video so you will also receive a wider exposure.

    4. You will also receive 50% on every license sale we make on your video. This is interesting as we have many relations in the fitness and tv world.

    5. You will always keep the rights of the video you send us.


    1. Videos must be at least 20 minutes to 60 minutes maximum.

    2. Videos must be at least 1080p in mp4 format with a Bit rate of 20 kbps.

    3. Must have a good audio track that suits the viewers experience in at least 48 Khz bitrate.

    We hope you'll join us to make your content help more people stay fit and in shape at home.

    Good luck! 

    Let's help each other grow.

    FROM: Virtual Fitness TV Team, Producers and Directors