Over 500 high quality virtual scenery videos
for treadmill, rowing and stationary bikes around
the world for home fitness or business applications

Every month new sceneries to enjoy from around the world.


Available on all multiple devices.

Virtual Fitness Tv - Treadmill and Cycling Sceneries is accessible on devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, Amazon Fire Tv and Roku.

Available on all multiple devices. See alls

What we are all about?

"Ever get bored on the treadmill, elliptical or may not have the time to get to a park or out to your favorite spot in the city? - Well here is the solution ... Our series of Virtual Fitness Tv Sceneries gives you the freedom to choose from many different places and landscapes from around the world. Simply play, our films in your tv, tables, phones and off you go!

We believe that our videos will really inspire you to exercise longer when time seems to fly out. Make exercise a fun, refreshing experience. Walking, jogging or running make your fitness sessions more fun and watch calories burn faster!